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2019 Ambassador Program

Finally! My 2019 brand ambassador program is open for applications!

Let's get the formalities out of the way:

What is this?!

A brand ambassador is someone who gets their EFP photo experience at a great discount (and much more) in order to promote my brand exclusively to their friends!

What do I get?

The most important part, of course. 

  • One complimentary session - when applying you will select which sessions you are interested in and if you are invited to be an ambassador, we will discuss which type of session of those you selected would be a good fit for your contract!

  • ALL YOUR DIGITALS from all sessions with me during your contract. This is huge!! You can print them, share them on social media, make holiday cards, announcements and more - and they are yours for life.

  • Free gift! Upon arriving to your first session you will be greeted with a special gift customized just for you. This is just a thank you for being an ambassador!

  • 50% off any other sessions booked during your contract period as an ambassador. Yep - Really!

  • Opportunities to earn free sessions, merch, print products and more incentives through our referral rewards program!

  • A discount to share with anyone who you refer to EFP - this helps encourage bookings with EFP which means more referral rewards for you!

  • Access to a private Facebook group for myself + ambassadors where we can chat about promo, you will be able to interact with myself and other reps as well as access current referral promotions and more!

What is required?

  • Ambassadors are representing my business and must be kind, courteous, professional and respectful at all times. Bullying, inappropriate or otherwise negative behavior will not be tolerated and is grounds for immediate disqualification from the program.

  • An active social media presence! I am, admittedly, not great at updating my Instagram account (hello, 2019 new years resolution!) - but an active Facebook account is, at minimum, required to be an EFP ambassador. You will be required to share your experience with EFP, share your images and more across social media!

  • Participation in your complimentary session as well as a minimum of 1 other session (at your discounted rate!) during 2019. YES - if you earn enough referral rewards for a free session with me, this counts!

  • You must agree to solely work with and promote EFP during the length of your contract (12mo.) This means no entering giveaways, answering model calls for or hiring other photographers - no exceptions!

  • You must agree to sign a full and unlimited model release for any and all sessions which take place with EFP during the length of your contract. 

Who will be chosen?

  • All current EFP clients have priority! You all are familiar with me and my business + therefore will be considered prior to any persons who are not current clients.

  • Expecting parents ... and not! In 2019 I'm hoping to really focus on my niche + love of birth/baby photography. For this reason I will be selecting more expecting / trying to conceive families who are willing to be contracted to these sessions - but I will also be selecting ambassadors who are not currently pregnant or expected to be in 2019 - so don't be afraid to apply!

So how do I apply?

If you are ready to apply, you can fill out an application HERE.

I will be conducting FaceTime/Skype interviews as applications come in to chat details + will be making all final 2019 ambassador decisions by January 15th.

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